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Psychiatric Evaluation at Southampton Psychiatric Associates

The psychiatric evaluation at Southampton Psychiatric Associates consists of two 45-minute sessions. During these sessions, a complete history is obtained from the patient and his/her family. A psychiatric history consists of a current and past history of the presenting problem. It also includes a developmental, family, medical, social and educational/occupational history. If past evaluations or testing has been completed, these are reviewed. Structured interviews, self-report questionnaires and teacher rating scales (for children) are utilized whenever appropriate. If necessary a physical examination and lab tests by the patient’s primary care doctor or pediatrician are ordered.

At the end of the evaluation, a diagnosis and discussion of treatment options occurs. It is important to understand that evaluations vary in scope and intensity. Occasionally one-session evaluations are done for adults. Alternatively, at times it is not possible to be certain of a diagnosis at the end of two sessions. In these cases a specific plan to help clarify the diagnosis is discussed.


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